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don't leave me tongue tied; don't kiss me goodnight.

(i loved you then, and i love you now.)

❝ heir of lig ht。 ☆ ❞
1 March
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ariel; (tsuna / eli / holo.)
shy&soft-spoken → loud&funny.
a horrible temper with severe insecurities and a sarcastic, borderline inappropriate sense of humor.
loves people will probably end up attached to you. hardcore type-b tsundere.

→ 18, born March 1st, female.
→ former boarding school student, 4 year creative writing major. currently studying visual arts.
→ anime&manga fan. lover of video games. list of most fandoms @ platinum_alice.
→ hardcore feminist with a whole lot of opinions and no problem stating them.

spirit animals:
alice/black rabbit, pandora hearts.
kida masaomi, durarara!!.
kise ryouta, kuroko no basket.
fang yun oerba, final fantasy 13.

platinum_alice ; writing community.
hologramlights ; graphics/fst community.
flawlesscities ; oc profile community.

how to find me elsewhere:
maragidyne @ flavors.me

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