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❝ heir  of  lig ht。  ☆  ❞
11 March 2013 @ 12:45 pm
happy birthday, rafira!!!! thank you for sticking with me, despite how often i am not here. it looks like you had a good day, so i'm glad for that!! yeeeeeeeee!!! \ o/
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01 March 2013 @ 09:18 am
happy birthday to myself and darkenedsakura!!!!
i'm 19, man, it feels weird. i'm probably just gonna celebrate by napping and playing Path of Radiance, though.

side note - Path of Radiance is fucking hard, oh my god. the lack of Battle Save option is driving me nuts; i nearly finished an hour long battle yesterday and then Kieran got ganged up on, and - yeah. it's frustrating.
anyway!! yeah, happy birthday, Grace. and myself. i know i said so on tumblr, but, let's do our best to make it through another year. \ o/
i hope you all have a good day!! i did laundry all morning, and dropped off the kids at school, but i got strawberry milk and a Slurpee, so i think it evens out.
okay, off to play more PoR.

ps. i really don't like this new posting system for LJ?? errrr. maybe it's just me.
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12 February 2013 @ 11:18 am
it went well, and the cyst is out!! just letting you all know.
apparently the sucker was huge, so i lost my right ovary and fallopian tube, but because i still have my left ones, i can still have kids, so??? yeah. 
i'm just taking it easy and hoping the incisions close soon!! please wish me luck. orz
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01 March 2012 @ 01:53 pm

HEY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, darkenedsakura!!
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25 December 2011 @ 12:08 pm
Merry Christmas, guys! I finally got a new computer, so I'll be on a bit more often. :) 
(I'll be on a ton when I get back to Idyllwild.)

Short entry just to let everyone know I'm alive. <3
I love you guys! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. 
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Alright, so, I know emulators might not be okay with some people, but being at boarding school, I don’t have access to video games any other way. So, I downloaded Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn recently!
It’s been playing alright; it’s been kind of slow at points, but I think that’s a combination of my computer being old and the game being huge.

But upon getting to the prologue of Part 3 (Ike’s part), when the laguz go to transform in the beginning of the battle, Dolphin suddenly crashes and gives me this error message:

“Trying to compile at 0. LR=8023aaf4”.

If anyone can help me, that’d be awesome! I’m new to emulators, to be quite honest, so I am reluctant to just start messing with things.
Or, just let me know if there’s absolutely no way to fix this and I’m screwed, hahah.

I suppose I could always download another version of the game, but the school's internet is weird lately and I don't want to risk that. 
I could also download a new emulator? But Radiant Dawn doesn't work with Power Tools or PowerISO or anything, probably because it's a Wii game. /: 
And arghhh I was so far in the game, but, fine!! I will do what I must. 

Also, if there's anywhere here on LJ I could cross-post this to get some help? I haven't been here in so long, so I'm kind of out of the loop.

(And this sounds kind of formal 'cause I posted this on tumblr too. T: )
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11 November 2011 @ 01:40 pm
so, the guy I like has a girlfriend. um, I'm... really, honestly not surprised? but that doesn't really make anything easier to deal with. had an explosion of temper last night, then found out about this, then kind of went blank. mm... idk. it hit me a little later, and I hid in the bathroom for a while because I felt like I was going to vomit... and, yeah. didn't cry much, but I'm ashamed to say I did cry a little, hahah. 

mm.. yeah. still in a bit of shock, but I know myself well enough to know that no matter what I say, I'm not going to be able to give up on this. this is exactly what happened with Roy/Kelsey, too. couldn't give up on her either, but look what that did to both of us... eh, I don't know. maybe I'll luck out and meet someone else who can distract me. 

it was just kind of funny how yesterday, his sister and his friend were both comforting me afterwards because they didn't know he was the person I was talking about. hahah. it was funny irony but also kind of uncomfortable and it just made me feel worse. and I still kind of feel like vomiting. errr...

still young, though? there's lots of time to get over this and move on. it's not like I'm not happy for him, because I totally am! more than anything, if he's happy, I'm fine. but, that doesn't really help a girl get over a crush? anyway. 

school's okay, but this week's been shit and I'm kind of falling off the horse. gotta remember to do my homework. somehow. 

also, gotta keep writing. u_u it'll keep me sane. because I'm an idiot and I get so emotional over these things and everything affects me so much more deeply than it should... so I need to keep expressing myself to get it all out, somehow, and writing is the easiest way. 
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08 November 2011 @ 11:26 am
i'm trying hard, but i can't seem to get it right.

reach out my hand, but there is nothing there for me to grab.

'cause maybe i'm falling down, maybe i'm waking up;
maybe i'm waiting for you to give me a better tomorrow.
(baby, we can pray for something new, we can pray for something new.)

there's nothing else i'd rather be.Collapse )
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27 October 2011 @ 10:15 am
since i was reading wittitwitty's wiccan journal, i remembered i should probably mention this... odd exchange i had with someone who i think was Apollo. i say think because... well, it was odd. it almost felt like talking to myself, but it was never anything i would say. nothing i would acknowledge without someone pushing me. so i don't know how to explain it. (i really do need to get more into wicca, i feel so terrible for never being able to make time for it.) 

anyway, it was interesting. i was still on and off crying about everything my mom had said to me, still angry and upset and just... well, i think everyone knows how it goes with mother-daughter fights. 

i was still upset, and... i can't remember exactly what was said? i think i thought something to myself about my mom - something about how i wanted to make her proud and that i couldn't... gosh, i can't remember. it was just about how i wanted to know she loved me and how i couldn't be proud of myself until she was. i think.
and someone responded, saying something about how... i had to love myself before i could accept that she loved me. that i had to be proud of myself, or nothing anyone said would mean anything. i had it backwards. 
honestly, i waited far too long to write this down! i can't fully remember what was said, but i remembered i felt so warm, like someone was... someone was proud of me, and wanted me to be the best i could be. and even though i'm still... shaky, still insecure and self-depreciating, i guess i'm trying harder not to let everything get me down, and to be more serious about my work. 
thus far, it's only really working in my arts? hahahah. although, i have been much more proactive in printing things for class, getting work done, getting up in the morning, ectetera. 

so, yeah. i just remembered i should probably write it down. it's surreal that i still remember it, honestly, because i usually write stuff like that off. but, i don't know. like i said, it felt like talking to myself but not. i really... can't explain it? oh well. 

on a side note, i can't have candles or anything in my room. :( so i don't know what to do to honor Apollo here, in my room, but i still do sing everyday. and it's sunny today! it's so nice to see it; it's been cloudy the past three or four. 

okay, i think that's everything. i'm going to go finish my sherlock holmes reading for class later. and then, if i have time, i'm going to continue with that book cindy gave me. i'm sorry i haven't finished it yet!

...oh! also, i have a question. (mainly for marie and cindy.) what was it like for you two, getting into this? if you have any other friends who could help, too, i wouldn't mind meeting them. although i'm awkward as hell, with new people. uuum... yeah. i think that's it. 

edit: as i'm still new, wicca/witchcraft/paganism and whatnot - i'm still learning the differences. thanks for telling me there is one, cindy!

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